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mulan dont give a shit

mulan has run out of fucks to give

Mulan no curr

Mulan: “Gurl had it coming.”

Mulan: ” One less bitch, to worry about “

Mulan: “Who’s next?”

Mulan: “Look at all that dishonor”



Mulan: Are you fucking serious Snow

Mulan: I fought in a motherfucking war

Mulan: I saved motherfucking China

Mulan: And you get taken down by a motherfucking apple


If one day I no longer reblog this it’s because I’m no longer in this world.

Mulan: “what a basic bitch..”

At 7:35 A.M, you lay your tired body on mine before peeling off, like a slow band-aid.
At 8:40 you sprint home and make instant coffee.
At 9:45 we finally drink it, cold. I finish your leftover half.
By 10:50 you are already breathless. I live for every time we overlap.
When 11:55 comes I spend the entire minute convincing you to stay. You never do.
By noon I put my hands on your shoulders and say, “Baby, you’re getting thin. All this running in circles and barely sitting down to eat.”
At 1:05 you tell me that while you were gone, 15,300 babies were born.
At 2:10 you don’t say a word, just come in and kiss me for sixty seconds straight.
At 3:15 we sit quiet, listening to rain falling everywhere in the world at once: all 15,000 tons.
At 4:20 we pull a little from the tight joint I keep behind your ear. You do not inhale.
At 5:25 you meet me for happy hour. My neck already salted, a lime wedged in my teeth, a shot of tequila sitting on the bar.
At 6:30 I hear the ticking. I count your heartbeat like seconds between thunderclaps.
By 7:35 I can see you in the distance, each second a tease until you drape over me. We always love quick and you never let me hold you. I dream of drinking you through a straw.
At 8:40 you watch my beard grow 0.00027 of an inch.
At 9:45 we do not speak. Too many people have died since we last met.
At 10:50 we pray for a meteor, at least a clumsy kid to spill sugar in our gears.
11:55 is my favorite. We’re only apart for mere minutes.
But at midnight you’ll apologize sixty times because it will always be like this.
At 1:04 AM I am already sleeping. It’s exhausting loving someone who is constantly running away.
- Megan Falley, “What the Hour Hand Said to the Minute Hand”

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sometimes i forget that dogs are animals descended from scary ass wild beasts that hunt and kill and shit like

my pug just farted so loud she scared herself and had to be cuddled until she stopped crying like how did this happen

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Today my dad was singing Christmas carols in the kitchen

  • Dad: He knows how long you sleep in
  • Dad: He knows that you've been baked
  • Dad: He knows you spend all day online so you better hope your grandma gets you something nice because Santa is done with your shit


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